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Pitty's Bully Bundle

$ 30.00
We've combined our most Popular Treats into a tasty bundle giving your Pup the opportunity to indulge in Homemade Organic Goodness
Our Bully Bundle Includes
One 1/2 lb Bag of Beet Burgers
One 1/2 Bag of Omega Bon Bons
One 4oz Snack Pack of Dehydrated Wild Caught Smelt
Omega Bon Bons 
Wild Caught Sardines
Organic Coconut Flour
Organic Rye Flour
Organic Mangos
Organic Bananas
Organic Dried Cranberry
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Rosemary Extract
Beet Burgers
A savory blend of Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Organic Beets
Organic Rye Flour
Organic Parsley
Organic Turmeric
Vitamin E Oil
Organic Ginger